• Settling into our new home

    Ron arrived on Tuesday and we unpacked our freight into storage. We also moved from the Richardson Ranch to Ron’s (another Ron) place in Lawnhill. We’ll be here for at least two months.

    With (my) Ron finally in Haida Gwaii and us together again (three months apart, not counting my time in the UK before I moved) I finally found the focus to catch up on Internet stuff. (Plus having Internet at home helps.)

    A three month hiatus from Facebook and Twitter is long enough to want to stay away longer. So I have converted FB to a launch pad for Messenger and Twitter to a landing spot to direct friends and family to this blog.

    Friends and family can still reach me this way (via the blog, not FB) but I won’t (hopefully) be tempted back into the rabbit’s hole of social media. I plan to post updates here and to update Twitter with links to new posts. This should help us stay in touch.

    Better yet, I have a phone now and there is cell service at our current house. I’ve been calling friends since the move, and will keep calling until we’re caught up. Feel free to call me too!

    The new number is (250) 922-4808. I can call the United States without extra charge, so if you are in the States just send me a text or an email and I’ll call you back when I can.

    Finally, I am using this “refresh” as a chance to slim back on email clutter. To do this, I am shutting down my old email addresses and switching to a new address. The new address is: curtis@curtiskertes.ca.

    Hope to talk soon! (And yes, I will post pictures soon as well…)