Tom Kertes Consulting

z_embree-3927-e1351662856197I am an early childhood educator with a passion for literacy and inquiry through play and engagement.

Children realize their potential as capable and productive contributors to community life through play, inquiry, and mentoring. This is how children can develop the skills required to think in both critical and creative ways. Children are then able to apply the values of respect, honour, integrity, and curiosity throughout their daily lives.

In addition to working directly with young children, I offer professional development workshops and keynotes throughout North America for kindergarten teachers and other early childhood educators. These workshops and keynotes are:

  • Practical… Learn simple and meaningful strategies
  • Thought-Provoking… Explore big ideas together
  • Empowering… Transform children’s lives for the better

The workshops and keynotes are meant to provide kindergarten teachers and other early childhood educators with powerful examples of children’s learning through shared responsibility, critical thinking, early literacy, and meaningful projects.

Core to my approach to both adult and early childhood education are the human rights values of unconditional respect, universal dignity, and shared responsibility.