Tom Kertes is a public school teacher in Haida Gwaii.

He writes about teaching and learning liberation and the value of public education at:

Reflections on liberation learning.


Tom lives in Queen Charlotte, BC with his husband Ron.

He was a community organizer before becoming a public school teacher.

As a community organizer he worked with low-wage temporary day labourers in demand of their economic human rights.

Tom was part of a successful living wages campaign, which more than doubled wages. As part of this campaign he coordinated a Living Wages Hunger Strike (which was called off when the Maryland state governor met workers’ demands the night of their deadline).

Tom also helped organize a “child care equity” campaign, in conjunction with his union the BCGEU. Child care professionals at UBC successfully achieved a nearly 20% “pay correction” – which brought the wages of the 95%+ women workforce more in line with similarly qualified and skilled male workers.

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