Tom Kertes provides professional development in early learning for teachers of young children. Tom’s workshops are:

  • Practical… Learn simple and meaningful strategies
  • Thought-Provoking… Explore big ideas together
  • Empowering… Transform children’s lives for the better

Tom Kertes is an Early Childhood Educator and experienced social movement organizer. Tom has more than seven years of experience working directly with young children, from infants to kindergarteners, across early learning settings – most recently for UBC Child Care Services.

Tom also has over fifteen years of experience as a social movement organizer, working with homeless day labourers in Baltimore and public housing residents in Washington, DC. Tom was an instructor of ECE at Seneca College in Toronto and was Policy Adivsor at Ontario’s self-regulatory College of Early Childhood Educators.

Tom’s workshops and keynotes provide kindergarten teachers and other early childhood educators with powerful examples of children’s learning through shared responsibility, critical thinking, literacy, and meaningful projects. Through engaging experiences, children contribute positively to the life of the community.

Core to his approach to both adult and early childhood education are the values of unconditional respect, universal dignity, and shared responsibility.

Tom lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.